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Halloween Cards

I spent the weekend making Halloween cards. I got more than 20 of them done before it occurred to me – I don’t send Halloween cards. I guess they’ll go in the same box for safekeeping that already has dozens of Christmas cards, birthday cards and everyday cards.

I love making cards, it’s one of the least restrictive paper crafts you can do. I just don’t have any desire to send them out. Oh well, they look pretty in the box.

Necessity is the Stepmother of Invention

I’m getting tired of this book thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love matching the fabrics and papers and then picking just the right filler paper and thread to make each book special. However, making books is time-consuming and tiring. For each one, I have to cut two sets of boards, measure and cut fabric, padding, and paper and then there is the glue… lots and lots of glue. On top of that, for every book I make, I have to punch 35 holes before I can start the sewing.
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