Craft Fair in Two Days

It has been more than three decades since I have shown my goods at a craft fair. The last time, I was a Junior in High School and I had been making crocheted stuffed animals and selling them to teachers and classmates. When our school put on their annual fair, I was encouraged to see what I could sell.

I didn’t have any idea what to expect and didn’t have time to make any stock to sell. That didn’t stop me (although, it should have) and I set up my little table with purple kangaroos, ombre orange squirrels and so on. The problem was, I wasn’t selling the toys, I was taking orders. I could say it was an abysmal failure, but that would be understating things. I think I took two orders, much more than I deserved.

I can remember watching all of the shoppers and vendors interacting, while I sat at my mostly bare table, alone.

Never let it be said that I don’t learn from experience. The only similarity between that fair and this one will be that they were both held at a High School. I have been working hard on my products for the last 6 weeks and I have so much stock that I may have to give stuff to the other vendors to sell if they run out.

Decorated Pillar Candles

Decorated Pillar Candles – ready to sell

Pillar candles – ready to sell[/caption]Quick Inventory:

  • 140+ blank books
  • 50 decorated pillar candles
  • 250+ greeting cards
  • 2 dozen chalkboard signs
  • 2 dozen Christmas ornaments
  • 100s of magnets and pins
  • 10 dozen cookies
  • 3 dozen Rice Krispie treats
  • 2 batches of fudge

I also have gathered boxes and bags of tablecloths, bows, signs and other decorations for the table(s).

I have done everything I can to make sure that this craft fair is a success. I don’t care if I make any money. I never want to spend another day, sitting alone at my bare table of lame crafts. I may not sell much, but it won’t be because I’m not prepared.

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