Piano chords – progress

Handwritten piano chord sheet

Fancy chord sheet

I didn’t practice much this weekend, too busy Saturday, too lazy Sunday, and home sick with vertigo on Monday. Still, I put in at least a few minutes every day and managed about 40 minutes tonight.

When I started this, I thought I would be able to practice an hour or more every day, but my back isn’t cooperating. Still, I’m making progress, just not as fast as I’d like.

To help me keep things moving and keep from practicing only the ones I am most comfortable with, I’ve made some practice sheets. This is the second major chord page. When I start a new page, I practice each sequence six to ten times before moving on to the next. By now, I’m able to do this entire page with almost no error. I’m ready to add a final sheet with the rest of the major chords and then it’s on to the minor chords.

I have also been playing a few songs from my Disney songbook, just to check to see if the chord practice is helping. Even though I am running across chords I haven’t been practicing, I am finding it easier and easier to play. Because I’m stronger in the major chords, it’s easier for me to quickly figure out the minor chords and keep going.

I’m beginning to think that by the time I’m done with the 20 hours, I’m definitely going to feel like this has been a success. I just need to keep practicing.

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