Piano Chords

chord-chart-for-piano-playersAs I mentioned the other day, I am starting on a new adventure of learning and change. Eventually, I hope to add 6 skills this year, but for now I’m concentrating on the piano.

I feel like I might have cheated a little bit by starting with the piano, since I am already fairly solid on plunking out the melody with my right hand and I’ve got a few chords under my belt. But, the key words here are “fairly” and “few.”

It’s true that I can play the melody of most simple songs, especially if they’re not too fast. It’s also true that I can play a C, D, F and G chords without trouble and can manage a couple of minor chords at a slow enough pace. However, that doesn’t give me a wide enough range or enough flexibility to play even a song as simple as Jingle Bells as easily as I’d like.

I don’t have lofty goals here, I just want to be able to play Christmas carols and my favorite Sherman brothers songs without fumbling.

I started two nights ago by reviewing all of the major chords. As expected, I’m good with C, D, F and G, but that’s about it. I spent about 40 minutes on the entire range of major chords and didn’t feel like I had made any progress. Last night, I simplified things and worked on A, B, C, D, E, F, G and left Db, Eb, Gb, and Bb for tonight. That went a lot better, and I already feel like I’m improving.

This is fun so far, but a bit of a challenge. I am using a timer to make sure I practice at least 45 minutes each night. Without it, I might only do about 15 minutes at a time. Maybe as I get better, the time won’t drag quite so much. I hope.

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